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Special Offer! Free Microlearning Download!
Special Offer! Free Microlearning Download!
Special Offer! Free Microlearning Download!

Customer Testimonials

"Insperity clients value the extensive video training resources as well as the custom solutions from AP Safety Training. Clients that utilize videos have operations in the logistics industry, manufacturing, services and construction (to name a few). AP Safety Training videos are used for new employee safety orientation and workplace re-training efforts to reduce the potential of workers compensation injuries. Employees learn to recognize workplace hazards and make the right choices to prevent injuries."

Online Training Platform Testimonials

AP Safety Training offers a variety of online training solutions, each designed to meet the unique needs of our clients.


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"It's such a great experience to work with AP Safety Training and the Training Video Now Streaming Platform they offer. The streaming is very easy and our members have access to over 1,200 safety programs 24 hours a day. It's a great tool for our members seeking a resource to help limit risk. I highly recommend this service for those looking to have a simple, easy way to present safety training."
—Midwest Builders' Casualty Group

Woman viewing TVN video library on a desktop computer.

"Working with AP Safety Training’s Training Video Now Streaming Platform has been a great benefit to our members and their employees. The streaming service is easy to navigate and allows users to choose from a library of safety programs that are relevant to their needs. I highly recommend this streaming service for those looking for an easy way to present safety education."
—Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities

Group of colleagues watch a safety training video on a monitor with the TVN logo on the screen.

"It's been a great experience working with AP Safety Training and the Training Video Now Streaming Platform they offer. Streaming is easy and it allows our employees to have access to hundreds of safety programs. I highly recommend this service for those looking to have a quick, easy way to present safety training."
—Bureau of Reclamations

"We have been using the Stream>Track Learning Management System for several years and are very happy with the service and training content. It serves as a great low-cost, basic safety introduction for our new employees. The platform is easy to navigate for both users and administrators. In the rare instances when support is needed, the staff at AP Safety Training has always been quick to respond and very helpful."
—Heritage Environmental Services

Digital File Testimonials

Digital video files from AP Safety Training make it easy and efficient to deliver your training in an MP4 format. Single-site and corporate licenses are available depending on the needs of your organization.

"AP Safety Training provided the perfect solution for safety training at our facility. We were looking for content that we could purchase for a one-time fee to combine with site-specific information, and utilize on our existing company LMS. Palani suggested the licensing and digital download option. Boy was I impressed! The library is huge, prices are reasonable, and purchasing is simple. Having our company name embedded into the video is a nice touch and looks very professional when we combine the content with our site-specific material. I highly recommend AP Safety Training!"
—Douglas Machine Inc.

"We’ve been using AP Safety Training’s videos for years to supplement our internal training materials. Embedding their MP4 files into our e-learning modules gives us an efficient, cost-effective way to change up our training each year. Their video library is extensive and the content is current, engaging, and effective. Customer service is excellent."
—Antea® Group

Custom Production Testimonial

Need site-specific safety training? Work with us to develop custom training programs that feature only your facility, your procedures, and your people.

Man in a hard hat and orange safety vest standing in front of an AP Safety Training production van.View from behind a video camera filming an executive in his office.

"AP Safety Training did an amazing job with developing custom safety training videos for a client of mine with multiple locations. This is a client that has warehouse- and fulfillment-type operations across the United States. They were looking for a way to train new hires as well as seasonal employees that would be working in the warehouses. The custom video team helped to develop scripts, offered actors and all the needed production equipment to do the video project. The video addressed hazards as well as safe work practices that are in place at each location. The videos also showed different aspects of each individual facility so that employees working at these locations could relate to what they were seeing. The attention to detail and professionalism during the project was exceptional. I truly appreciate all the work that was put into making these videos. The finished videos are still being used as part of an annual safety training at the facilities to reduce potential injuries at their locations."

Ready to find your training solution?

Contact us at (800) 311-1143 or We can help you find the training solution that meets your organization's unique needs or schedule a personalized demo for one of our online training platforms.

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