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Digital Files

Easy to Use.  Legal to Copy.  Licensed to your Organization.

Digital video files from AP Safety Training make it easy and efficient to deliver your training.  These MP4 video files can be embedded into PowerPoint presentations, stored and played on laptops, networks and mobile devices.

All of the training media sold by AP Safety Training is copyrighted and you are restricted by copyright law from copying the content in any manner without the expressed permission of the copyright owner.

This is why purchasing a Digital File from AP Safety Training requires you to agree to the terms of our Digital License Agreement.  This agreement gives you and your organization the necessary legal permission to use, copy and distribute our content within your organization as spelled out in the agreement.

Each digital video file is custom made to include the appearance of your organization's name and the type of license agreement that has been obtained. 

This provides your organization with visual evidence embedded onto the video itself that the program is legally licensed for use within your organization.


Two Types of Digital License Agreements

Single-Site License

A Single-Site License limits use of and access to the copyrighted material to employees and contractors employed by a specific facility located at a unique physical location.  For example, if your company has five facilities but only one facilities' workers will have access to the training program, you should purchase a Single-Site License for use at that one facility.

Corporate License

A Corporate License limits the use of and access to the copyrighted material to employees and contractors employed by a specific company or organization but is unrestricted as to the number of unique physical locations at which the employees or contractors may be employed.  For example, if your company has a Learning Managment System or network that services employees in multiple locations, a Corporate License would be required to legally allow employees at multiple locations to access the program.


    How Much Does a Digital License Cost?

    Costs vary from program to program, but in general the cost of a Single-Site License is analogous to the cost of purchasing the same program on a DVD and the cost of a Corporate License is roughly analogous to the cost of purchasing six copies of the same program on DVD.

    Why the analogy to DVDs?  This pricing model has survived from the olden days of the training industry, when companies would buy one dvd for each physical location.  It's simple, easy and generally more affordable than the models used by our competitors who charge per employee, per year for a similar license agreement.