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Big Year-End Blowout! Save 33% Thru December 31st.
Big Year-End Blowout! Save 33% Thru December 31st.
Big Year-End Blowout! Save 33% Thru December 31st.

Online Training Solutions

AP Safety Training offers a variety of online training solutions, each designed to meet the unique needs of our clients.  Explore the platforms below to find an E-Learning solution that's right for you.

AP Safety Training's Stream>Track Learning System is an LMS with all the features you'll need to assign courses and track your employees' progress as they meet your company's training requirements.  Access a wide variety of Safety, Human Resource, and Healthcare topics with our easy-to-use online training system!

Key Features:

  • Customized training library, built specifically for your company from our catalog of over 1,000 titles
  • Easy-to-use reporting with multiple administrator access levels
  • Course parameters set by company, group, or assignment
  • Training courses for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, agriculture, healthcare, hospitality, and many more
  • Custom content hosting

Learn more about Stream>Track Learning System


Training Video Now is our state-of-the-art streaming rental platform with flexible rental periods and affordable pricing.

Key Features:

  • The rental period is established according to your specific needs, and allows you unlimited use of programs during your rental period. Rental periods can be as short as one day or as long as one year!
  • Your Training Video Now account allows you to segregate your training programs into groups or "Watch Lists" and create tailor-made groups of training videos for specific employees or job functions.
  • Resources include employee quizzes and facilitator materials in downloadable PDF format.

Take a look at our Interactive Catalog made just for Training Video Now!

Learn more about Training Video Now


 Streaming Safety Logo

Streaming Safety is a subscription-based website that allows unlimited streaming access to selected training videos.  Streaming Safety is specifically designed to support both individual and group training.

Key Features of Streaming Safety
    • Interactive testing
    • Basic record keeping
    • Custom content hosting
    • Fixed price per training video

Learn more about Streaming Safety


We Are Dedicated to Your Success!

Our Customer Relationship Manager for online training is Paul Hoselton. Making sure our clients are successful in using and deploying our online resources is his number one job responsibility.

Contact Paul at or 800-311-1143 and request more information or schedule a personalized demonstration of any of our online platforms.

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