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Online Training

You Have Options

Online Training is not a "one size fits all" term. Luckily, we offer a wide range of online training options to meet your unique needs.

Our online options include a simple streaming video rental platform, a training video assignment platform with computer based testing and a full featured learning management system (LMS) with testing, tracking and record keeping.

Already have your own LMS, but need more courses?  We do that too!  Our courses will run on your system via an LMS share.

No matter what level of online training you want, we have the solution for you.

Look over the descriptions of our online options below, and call or email us to request a demo or a free trial account!  Not sure which option is best for you? 

Our customer liaison for online training is Paul Hoselton.  Contact Paul at our give him a call at 800-311-1143 and request more information or schedule a personalized demonstration of our online training options.

Training Video Now

AP Safety Training understands the importance of being able to rent training media.  Renting training programs for a day, a week or a month is much easier on the training budget as compared to purchasing every title.

AP Safety Training's innovative streaming rental platform, Training Video Now, allows you to save money by bulk purchasing rental uses and then accessing our entire product line of programs anytime your training needs require.

We can customize your streaming rental portal to utilize rental periods that work best for you, from one day to an entire year.

Your Training Video Now account allows you to segregate your training programs into groups or "Watch Lists" and create tailor-made groups of training videos for specific employees or job functions.



Streaming Safety

When it comes to online employee training, testing and record keeping Streaming Safety hits the sweet spot for affordability and ease of use.  Streaming Safety provides the basic functions needed for online training, employee assignments, online testing and downloadable training records, without the complexity and cost of a full featured LMS.  Simply select the videos you want to use, and we'll have you set up and ready to go within one business day! 


Stream>Track Learning System 

Our Stream>Track Learning Managment System gives you the advantages of a Learning Management System without the large price tag.  With features such as categorizing employees into groups, customizing training curricula, tracking training with comprehensive usage reports, and numerous set-up options, Stream>Track will take your training to the next level without breaking the bank.

    If you already have your own training platform in place, chances are you need new course content.  We can help! Via our Stream>Track system, we can export SCORM-compliant courses for seamless delivery via your own LMS.

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    We Are Dedicated to Your Success!

    Our customer success manager for online training is Paul Hoselton.  Making sure our clients are successful in using and deploying our online resources is his number one job responsibility.

    Contact Paul at our give him a call at 800-311-1143 and request more information or schedule a personalized demonstration of our online training options.  

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