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Special Offer! Free Microlearning Download!
Special Offer! Free Microlearning Download!

Stream>Track Learning System

Stream>Track Learning System

A Partnered Approach

The Stream>Track Learning System provided by AP Safety Training provides a partnered approach to the use of a Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver and track the online training of employees.

For each of our clients' accounts on the Stream>Track Learning System, the customer support team at AP Safety Training takes on the primary role of LMS Administrator. This arrangement relieves our clients of the administrative burden of managing an LMS platform while simultaneously providing them with access to their organization’s employee database and training data.

Each of the bold headings below provide further detail on the benefits of utilizing the Stream>Track Learning System through an administrative partnership with AP Safety Training.

Customer Service

At AP Safety Training, we are known for our customer service. We have an experienced support team consisting of customer service representatives, training solutions specialists, and IT support.  Each of our team members is dedicated to delivering training solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Our clients frequently tell us they are pleased with our responsiveness and flexibility in solving their problems. Every one of our Stream>Track Learning System clients receives the full benefit of our commitment to service as we take on the role of LMS administrator and help them manage their organization's online training.

Access to Over 1,200 Courses

The Stream>Track Learning System features over 1,200 courses made available from AP Safety Training's content catalog. AP Safety Training's customer service team can assist with course selection and provide access to a course preview website that allows each available course to be reviewed. Once course selections are made, AP Safety Training will create the client's customized training library from which all training assignments will be made.

Explore our courses. Visit the Stream>Track course preview site. 

Employee Enrollment

As the LMS administrator of our clients' Stream>Track Learning System account, AP Safety Training will assist with initial employee enrollment by uploading a client-supplied employee listing into their account's employee database. Our clients also have direct access to enroll or suspend individual employees as needed.

Group Training Assignments

One of the main benefits of a Learning Management System such as the Stream>Track Learning System is the ability to earmark employees for inclusion into specific training groups based on location, job function, division, and similar parameters. AP Safety Training's support team will walk each client through the initial creation of a database structure that supports their preferred organization of group training assignments. As the LMS administrator, AP Safety Training will make all group training assignments as instructed by the client. A premium option is also available for those clients who wish to make course assignments to individual employees directly.

Email Notifications

The Stream>Track Learning System features an optional email notification system. When enabled, each employee will receive system-generated emails to provide notification of initial enrollment, new course assignments, approaching due dates, and when required courses become past due. During the initial account setup, AP Safety Training will assist the client in defining the parameters for their account's email notifications.

Links to Custom Content

As the LMS administrator, AP Safety Training has the ability to display a client's customized content from within our standard courses. This is accomplished through the use of pop-in notes that display hyperlinks to the client's externally hosted documents and materials. This is an easy way to give employees access to a company-specific policy or procedure.

Customized Quiz Questions

We understand that the generic quiz questions that accompany standard courses may sometimes need to be revised to meet a client's approval. For any standard course, a client need only provide AP Safety Training with new or updated questions and our support team will create a revised quiz and install it onto the selected course in the client's account.

Client-Owned Video Content and SCORM Courses

Oftentimes a client already owns a SCORM 1.2 compliant course or perhaps a custom-made training video. As the LMS administrator, AP Safety Training can install these items into the Stream>Track Learning System and assign them to any of the client's training groups as directed. Once installed, a small fee will be incurred each time the client's content is used for training inside the Stream>Track Learning System.

Creating Custom Courses

In some cases, a client may need assistance with the creation of a custom course that specifically addresses a particular training need. As a content developer, AP Safety Training has the ability to develop customized training courses that meet the needs of our clients. This may be as simple as converting a client's existing presentation into a compatible course with a quiz, or as complex as creating a modular course featuring video modules filmed at the client's location. AP Safety Training will gladly provide a proposal for any client who wishes to consider the creation of custom courses for installation onto the Stream>Track Learning System.

Key Features of Stream>Track

  • AP Safety Training performs the role of LMS administrator
  • Easy-to-use reporting with multiple administrator access levels
  • Optional email notifications
  • Course parameters set by company, group, or assignment
  • Over 1,200 training courses
  • Links to client-hosted documents
  • Custom course development available 

Ready to Pursue Next Steps?

Making sure our clients are successful in using our online resources is our number one goal. We are here to assist you every step of the way, from helping you select training courses to creating assignments and reading training reports.

Contact us to request more information or to schedule a personalized demonstration of our Stream>Track Learning System Brian Moore, Training Solutions Specialist, will answer your questions, give you a demo, provide a price quote, and more. 

Reach out to Brian at or 800-311-1143 to get started today!  

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