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Special Offer! Free Microlearning Download!
Special Offer! Free Microlearning Download!
Special Offer! Free Microlearning Download!

Training Video Now

Training Video Now is a streaming rental platform designed to support video-based group training. Training Video Now was created for organizations who need easy access to a large library of training videos.

Meet Gina and learn how Training Video Now can deliver your training solution!


Users of Training Video Now have access to a library of over 1,300 training videos. Rental credits are used when a program is selected for use in training. 

Training Video Now Streaming Rental Platform

The cost of rental credits is determined by the length of the rental period. Users of TVN may choose rental periods ranging from one day to one year.

Training Video Now Group Training

Training Video Now is designed for group training. Each rented video is available for unlimited viewing for the duration of the chosen rental period.

Training Video Now View Access Code

As a training supervisor, you can make specific training assignments by using Viewer Access Codes.

Other Key Features of Training Video Now:

  • Your Training Video Now account allows you to segregate your training programs into groups or "Watch Lists" and create tailor-made groups of training videos for specific employees or job functions.
  • Access to "Watch Lists" can be controlled with Viewer Access Codes.
  • Training resources include employee quizzes and facilitator materials in downloadable PDF format.
  • Training Video Now was created with valued-added services in mind. Ask us how TVN can be customized for large groups and organizations.

Want to Learn More?

Watch our Training Video Now explainer video below!


Want to explore on your own?  Visit our Training Video Now demonstration site

Ready to Pursue Next Steps?

Making sure our clients are successful in using our online resources is our number one goal. We are here to assist you every step of the way, from helping you select the right platform for your needs to picking content and setting up your training portal.

Contact us to schedule a personalized demonstration or to request a price quote for Streaming Safety. Brian Moore, Training Solutions Specialist, will answer your questions, give you a demo, provide a price quote, and more. Contact Brian at or 800-311-1143 to learn more about Training Video Now!

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