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Special Offer! Free Microlearning Download!
Special Offer! Free Microlearning Download!
Special Offer! Free Microlearning Download!

Safety Videos

Types of Safety Videos 

As a full-service production company, we pride ourselves on the quality of our videos. We focus on making the information presented in a clear and memorable way.

Browse by Category

Interested in exploring certain video topics? You can browse videos by categories, like OSHA, Customer Service, Safety Management, and more. 

Browse by Style

We also offer training programs in a range of styles to make information more interesting for your employees and to align with your objectives. Explore the variety of styles we offer below. 

Attitudes & Motivation

The programs are designed to change attitudes and motivate employees to work safely. Many of these programs are both motivational and entertaining, while others encourage viewers to work safely by showing the consequences of unsafe acts.

"To The Point" Series

The programs in this series deliver a detailed overview of the most common safety topics. Each program lasts about 12 minutes, and the DVD includes English and Spanish on the same disc!


High-Impact videos recreate real accidents to show viewers the consequences of unsafe acts. These programs are very graphic! Many are available in non-graphic versions.


Many of programs deliver training information in a straight-forward manner. You can find these programs in every category.

Meeting Openers

Use one of these short videos to grab your employees' attention and set the tone for your safety meeting.

Concise Videos

Concise Videos are perfect for those who have limited time or budgetary constraints. Whilst most of our Full-Length videos average 14-18 minutes in length, Concise Versions are edited to contain the bulk of the training information in under 10 minutes.

Here to Help 

Not sure which will suit your audience best? Call us at (800) 311-1143 to chat with your Customer Service Representative. You can preview as many programs as you need in order to find the right fit for your facility!

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