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Corporate Digital License Agreement

You are licensing copyrighted material for limited and restricted use by a corporation, organization or entity.

By clicking “Accept” you acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions defined by this Corporate Digital License Agreement.

This Corporate Digital License Agreement only applies to those files directly downloaded from that are branded and stamped with a valid AP Safety Training Corporate License Number.  For the protection of both parties, the name of the entity receiving the license and the unique license number will be visibly appended into the video file(s) and may not be removed.

This Corporate Digital License Agreement provides you and your organization permission to download and copy the video file(s) onto computers or networks exclusively used by employees or contractors of the licensing entity named in the “Company Name” field on the referenced order number or agreement number.

The video file(s) may NOT be placed onto any corporate-wide network, learning management system or internet service that allows access to the video file(s) by anyone other than employees or contractors of the entity receiving the license.

The video file(s) must remain in its entirety and may not be edited, scaled or modified in anyway.  No clips, frames or images of any kind may be copied or captured from the program.

The video file(s) may not be rented, loaned, sold, accessed or made available in any way to other organizations or individuals.

United States copyright law provides criminal penalties for the non-licensed use of copyrighted material as well as the unauthorized duplication or distribution of copyrighted material.

You must contact AP Safety Training and obtain a written addendum to this Corporate Digital License Agreement before using the video file(s) in a way that is not expressly permitted by this license agreement.

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