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Special Offer! Free Microlearning Download!
Special Offer! Free Microlearning Download!

Arc Flash Training Experts Lend a Hand to NFPA® 70E® Training Content

AP Safety Training & Work Together to Deliver High Quality, Up-to-Date Electrical Training is a market leader and electrical safety content expert. They do incredible work when it comes to safety training for qualified electrical workers and electrical supervisors. And when needed a supplemental training video to enhance their NFPA® 70E® classroom training, they turned to AP Safety Training for help. was founded by Hugh Hoagland, a well-known pioneer in the arc flash testing of clothing and PPE. The entire organization is staffed with electrical safety experts who conduct hundreds of training sessions and seminars every year.’s experts and consultants are members of the NFPA’s advisory committee. They are instrumental in the continuous updating of the National Fire Protection Association’s 70E® Standard for Safe Electrical Work Practices (NFPA® 70E®).

The partnership between and AP Safety Training began more than 20 years ago with the production of an electrical safety program series for two major production companies in the aluminum manufacturing industry.

Based on the success of these first electrical programs and the relationships created by their production, the experts at would again call upon AP Safety Training when they needed new electrical training programs specific to the updated NFPA® 70E® requirements.

Ever since the release of the 2012 version of NFPA® 70E®, AP Safety Training and have partnered to create new and updated video training programs for each subsequent revision. The most recent update is from this year’s edition, Safe Electrical Work Practices and the 2024 NFPA® 70E® for Electrical Workers

According to Greg Stevens, the managing partner for, “We have been very pleased with the attention to detail and the quality of the NFPA® 70E® training video provided by AP Safety Training.

They have a knack for taking the detailed content information we provide to them and creating a video program that is both watchable and easy to understand.

Every training supervisor that completes our train-the-trainer program leaves with a copy of this training program and they find it invaluable as they take on the task of training their own workforce in electrical safety.”

AP Safety Training’s customers and clients also benefit from this partnership by having access to the most up-to-date electrical safety programs, regardless of whether you use online training portals, LMS courses, or directly purchase your training video downloads from

For example, AP Safety Training’s newest program on Electrical Contact Release Training was reviewed by the experts at and is recommended training for qualified electrical workers to learn how to respond to a worker who is in contact with energized electrical parts.

Danny Robinson, the owner of AP Safety Training, says, “I really enjoy learning from subject matter experts such as the folks at These types of relationships are critical to the safety industry because we can all bring our talents and skills to the table and combine them in a way that benefits everyone.”

With the help of’s Canadian expert, Mike Doherty, AP Safety Training has also created a new training program specific to Canada’s 2021 Electrical Safety Regulation, CSA Z462.

The partnership between AP Safety Training and has been a productive one. As electrical safety standards and regulations continue to change, these two organizations will continue to work together for the mutual benefit of their customers and clients.

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