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Special Offer! Free Microlearning Download!
Special Offer! Free Microlearning Download!
Special Offer! Free Microlearning Download!

30 Day Rental Agreement

By clicking “Accept” you acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions defined by this 30-Day Rental Agreement.

By placing a rental order with, you are licensing the use of copyrighted material (the program) for a time limited period of 30 days.  The program(s) will be shipped to you on physical media (DVD or Flash Drive.)  The 30-day period will begin on the first business day after the delivery date of the program.  At the end of the 30-day period, you agree to return the physical media containing the program to AP Safety Training at your cost via a traceable method.  To avoid late fees or penalties the program must be received by AP Safety Training no later than 5 business days from the end of the rental period.

The program(s) may NOT be copied or removed from the physical media on which they are provided.  No clips, frames or images of any kind may be copied or captured from the program.

The program(s) may not be rented, loaned, sold, accessed or made available in any way to organizations or individuals other than the direct employees or contractors of the organization named in the online rental order.

United States copyright law provides criminal penalties for the non-licensed use of copyrighted material as well as the unauthorized duplication or distribution of copyrighted material.

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